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There are two popular test standards for ballistic and stab body armor vest. These two specific standards for ballistic threats, stab threats, and blunt trauma are published by National Institute of Justice (USA) and PSDB (UK).

That body armor vests can stop bullets as well as resist any threatening stab is a huge misconception. If any ballistic vest user holds this false concepts, unquestionably his life will be in danger.
According to an analysis on ballistic / stab standard done by NIJ and PSDB standard, it shows that stab threat is more serious than gunfire power. Many of sharp attacks on law enforcement agencies and badly wounded attacked by knifes and sharpen point instruments in recent years, though many of them wore ballistic soft vest, they were still seriously injured because a variety of weapons.
As people perhaps know, the famous fiber manufactures, like Kevlar supplied by Du Pont, Twaron supplied by Teijin Akzon, Dyneema supplied by DSM, Spectra and Goldflex supplied by Honeywell, do not provide useful and effective fabrics to make stab vest. Most of them aim for producing ballistic vest. Therefore, if we insist on adopting the above outstanding ballistic fabrics to make stab vest, the consumption of fabrics in making stab vests will be much more than that of making ballistic soft ones. In the end, the finished products will be quite heavy and uncomfortable to wear.

Primary Competitive Advantages

  • Our new advance technologies improve and upgrade the performance of aramid fabric to be a flexible and soft fabric to make the dual purpose body armor vest. To compare with the same armor level ballistic vests, our finished goods only increasing a little bit more weight, but comfortable to wear and achieve water proof and less blunt trauma.
  • There is a saying "Good decisions come from wisdom. Wisdom comes from experience. Experience comes from bad decisions". It's quite true that after earnestly producing ballistic products for the past 18 years, According to our past experience, any slight negligence would cause failure even from raw material, weaving and further advanced treatment...etc. If people have no enough experience to handle from the beginning to every details, the merchant will not only cost a huge amount of money but also indirectly cause deadly injures. That is why we always increase little more ballistic protection in advance to avoid any unmanageable accidents from raw materials.
  • Reaching up to the lightest weight of body armor, we never forget about the absolutely safe performance is the highest priority.
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