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#3310CC / #3310PL / #3315CC / #3315PL Pelican LED Flashlight

#3310CC / #3310PL / #3315CC / #3315PL Pelican LED Flashlight
Product ID: Pelican LED Flashlight #3310CC / #3310PL / #3315CC / #3315PL

When you can’t see the difference between one color cable from another, the job may be compromised. Now you can trust our select flashlights with new Correct Color technology to stop the guess work.

Molded with “Glow in the Dark” photoluminescent material, which can be seen in the darkest environments.

  3310CC 3310PL 3315CC 3315PL
Length 6.14" / 15.6 cm
Weight With Battery 6.2 oz / 175.8 g
Weight Without Battery 3.7 oz / 104.9 g
Light Modes High / Low / Flashing on / off
Battery Size AA
Batteriy Type Alkaline
Battery Quantity 3
Volts 4.5 v
Lam Type LED
Certifications IPX8 IP67
Certifications none


IECEx ia

  • CC: Correct Color flashlights are engineered with a higher CRI (90+ Color Rendering Index) allowing you to see color more accurately in your work environment.
  • PL: Photoluminescent technology which emits a bright glow making it highly visible in pitch black environments
  • ISO9001:2000 production quality Certification
  • Pass various safety tests and provide qualified test reports (except for Nemo series)
  • Unconditional Lifetime Guarantee of Excellence (except for man-made sabotage,lost,or bulb,O-ring,batteries,ect.)