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Ballistic Vest - Courageous Style (Tactical)

Ballistic Vest  - Courageous Style (Tactical)

Courageous Style (Tactical)

Product ID: FP 108 / FP 108D
  • 2 armor panels design with adjustable collar & shoulder protection, Velcro attachment for groin protector, front and back pouches can insert HAP for rifle bullet, modular clip-on straps for attaching ammo and equipment pouches.
  • Suitable for special forces and SWAT team to perform all the normal duties associated with military and tactical operations.
  • Sizes (chest / waist): M. (40"), L. (44"), XL. (48").
  • Colors: Black, camouflage.
  • Options:
    • Groin protector (FP120 / FP120D)
    • Arm protectors (FP130)
    • Armor level III or IV hard armor panel for rifle bullet (FP150)
    • Various clip-on pouches for equipment, cartridge
    • Fire-resistant fabric garment
    • ID patch
  • Carrier material: Cordura nylon outside / air mesh inside fabrics garment with Velcro adjustable shoulder, collar and waist straps, rescue strap on the back.
  • Ballistic panel (only): UD Aramid (Goldshield, Goldflex) or UD UHMWPE (Dyneema).
  • Performance level as following choice:
    • Ballistic armor level (ballistic only): FP108
      IIIA (NIJ), HG2 (HOSDB)
    • Dual armor level (ballistic + stab / knife blade): FP108D
      IIIA + 1 or IIIA + 2 (NIJ)
      HG2 + KR1 or HG2 + KR2 (HOSDB)
Order Information:
  • Minimum Order: Negotiable
  • Branded Product