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Ballistic Helmet - PASGT Ballistic Helmet with Ballistic Visor

Ballistic Helmet - PASGT Ballistic Helmet with Ballistic Visor

PASGT Ballistic Helmet with Ballistic Visor

Product ID: FP202B

  • The style is composed of ballistic helmet with ballistic protection visor.
  • The visor can be pulled up and down or taken off from helmet for operational consideration.
  • PASGT style ballistic helmet with ballistic visor & mounting bracket, visor cover, carry bag.

  • Weight: 2.9kg
  • Visor: thickness 22 mm, size: H. 15 x L. 36 cm
  • Option: ballistic neck protector as compared with helmet
  • Helmet: armor type II (9mm FMJ and .357 JSP bullet) according to NIJ-0106.01 test method, armor type IIIA (9 mm FMJ only), NIJ-0108.01 (modified).
  • Visor: armor type IIA (9mm FMJ and .357 JSP bullet) and II (9mm FMJ bullet only), NIJ-0108.01 (modified)
  • 4 points of adjustable suspension / chin cup (or chin strap) and 7 pcs foam pad.
  • Branded product
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  • Minimum Order: Negotiable
  • Branded Product