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Extendable Ballistic VIP Briefcase

Extendable Ballistic VIP Briefcase
Product ID: FP301 Serials ( FP301G / FP301C / FP301SC / FP301LC )
  • Ballistic VIP Briefcase can be extend quickly by velcro, with steel hand grip covered by genuine leather and pockets to disguise itself as briefcase.
  • Application to protect VIP from gunfire, explosion and dangerous chemical spread. 
  • FP301G / FP301C (Three fold style)
  • FP301SC (Two fold Style )
  • FP301LC (Four fold Style )


  • FP301G / FP301C
    • Color:Black
    • Size:
      • Folded up size: W. 35cm x L.45cm (+/- 1 cm)
      • Spread out size: W.45cm x L.:105cm  (+/- 1 cm)
  • FP301SC
    • Color:Black
    • Size:
      • Folded up size: W. 45cm x L.35cm  (+/- 1 cm)
      • Spread out size: W.45cm x L.:70  (+/- 1 cm)
  • FP301LC
    • Color:Black
    • Size:
      • Folded up size: W. 45cm x L.35cm  (+/- 1 cm)
      • spread out size: W.45cm x L.:140cm  (+/- 1 cm)


  • Ballistic Material: 100% ballistic UD aramid fabrics sewn in pattern.
  • Outer carrers Material: depend on product style.
  • Heavy duty and reliable carrying grip handle, whole simulation to be a normal briefcase.
  • Ballistic performance:
    • Level IIIA in full-scale protection according to NIJ-STD-0101.03 or 0108.01 V50 2,000 ft/s test method.
    • Using .22 caliber, 17 grains fragmentation, according to MIL-STD-662F.
  • Different material available for custom choice:
    • # FP301G: Genuine leather (outside) / artificial leather(inside) in black.
    • # FP301C: Cordura® nylon (outside) / artificial leather (inside) in black.
  • Instantly spread out to be a body armor shield within just one second.
  • Branded product.
  • Sample purchase.
Order Information:
  • Minimum Order: Negotiable
  • Branded Product